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The journey began on 2014 with one Deg of rice distribution in ramzan for opening the fast of poor’s on a roadside. Since then the idea of helping humans struck in our mind and we endeavored from last few years to assist deserving’s in our society as much as we could do. Our portfolio of helping needy’s falls in range of categories i.e physical, financial, therapy or even emotional healing of the prospects. Days went by, and we started doing cases and by the will of God, today we have reached 180 cases. Our road of journey is an excellent example of one very famous saying:

“when there is a will, there is a way”

We all could never imagined that we could reach to this stage of where we are at the moment. But then God has been kind to us and made us keep going and In Sha Allah a lot more to come. Be part of our chain to make a difference in a society and a reason of someone to smile and being content in life. God be pleased with you. JazakAllah khairan kaseerun.

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