Chapter Ehsaas e bezubaan

In these disturbing times of Covid-19, where humans are losing their lives, one can only imagine what these poor animals would be facing and what condition they would be in, as most of the restaurants are not open, where they could feed on leftovers.


They need our help more then ever!! Support and Stand for the cause! Shout-out for a humble request and a appeal to help us outreach them and save these bezubaan animals. For more details, please see our case listing – 184. This activity is on continuation since last 2 weeks and will continue to be carried out till the situation of Corona gets normalized in a country.


Team Charity doings along with CDRS focal person Altamush Saeed

have started a campaign feed the animals in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

#FeedtheAnimals #ShowEmapthy

#SupporttheCampaign #SupporttehCause

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