Case 201 | Deserving Family Loan Shed off and Rickshaw Purchase

Needy family in Rawalpindi working hard to make their ends meet. The Husband is a rider in Leopard courier service. Wife fell from the stairs 2 months back breaking her backbone and facing a miscarriage.


Couple lives in a 2-bed rooms in Rawalpindi undertaken on rental basis. Due to mere earning below the expense meetup-line the family undergoes a huge burden of loan taken from a relative to pay off the rent and monthly expnse. The loan sums up to a amount 3.5 lacs.


The couple also purchased a Rickshaw few months back on installments to run it on a contract in a hope to get some monthly amount from it. The rickshaw installments is also pending for the amount of Rs 50,000. Total cost was 90 they paid 40,000 in installments and remaining 50 was left.


Team charity-doings with generous contribution of the members and external donors were able to shedoff some financial burden of this family. An Amount of 1 lac for and the remaining 50,000 of Rickshaw was given. This helped the couple to buy a Rickshaw that can serve an additional source of income to them.


The prayers, gratitude and well wishes which the family was giving after receiving the set of amount is beyond words of an explanation. May Allah help all those who are under privileged and make us to lend a helping hand to them, that they can ease their financial burden.

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