Case 198 | Helping a young divorced girl

We have been able to pitch in our little share of 12,000 rs. For a girl to buy washing machine for her 2nd marriage. This case is from starting of April, 2020 when covid 19’s panic was at peak followed by lockdown. Our main focus was providing ration on earliest bases to the families throughout Pakistan hence the half amount for the washing machine.

The girl’s father worked in a shop that was being closed down her brother was jobless lived with his inlaws. They couldn’t afford her dowry but couldn’t send their daughter empty handed either as her sister told us (sadly, the norms of our society & in this case the girl’s already divorced) We spoke to her sister she said that they have asked the inlaws family for 20 days time to collect household items.We knew in those days such cases were not the priority but then Allah can make anyone a source for the poor family’s misery. The total amount of washing machine was 20,500 rs.

We request everyone to please share this post and donate as we don’t have reserved amount in hand to help a family in need, we collect whatever we can there and then which sadly ends up collecting just a little amount as many cases are going parallel at a time.

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