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Being the ummati of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Saali Allah Wallahi Wasalam, helping the ones in need is at the core of our social ethics, norms and religion. This trait of “giving” is born within us. No matter what perception Pakistan endures internationally; but one thing is for sure that we are a top nation in the world when it comes to charity and hospitality. To keep the chain going team Charity Doings is a group of like-minded people either students or professionals having passion to help the helpless and needy. Our sole purpose is to please Allah by working non-profitably and putting our share in community through not just by pouring in amount but also collecting every little penny from anyone around us; be it our friends, families, colleagues or even unknowns having benevolent nature and harboring feelings for the needy’s in our society and are willing to go extra mile with us to ease their pain and miseries.

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We help unfortunates in our society in various forms and kinds e.g. providing / giving (food, shelter, health, marriages, clothes etc) the idea boils …Read More

Our History

The journey began on 2014 with one Deg of rice distribution in ramzan for opening the fast of poor’s on a oadside. Since then the idea of helping …Read More

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Chapter Ehsaas e bezubaan

In these disturbing times of Covid-19, where humans are losing their lives, one can only imagine what these poor animals would be facing and what condition they would be in, as most of the restaurants are not open, where they could feed on leftovers.

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