How to Select and Change Colors in Adobe Photoshop In Hindi | Color Replacement in Photoshop Hindi

In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to change or replace color of any dress or object in image adjustment. Selecting Color Range you can replace the color. Dear friends when you are selecting the color or color range for replacement or changing the color of the object you should follow the steps. Snapseed photo editing in Hindi. (1) Increase your art board so that you can see the difference. (2) Go to image menu and select canvas size. (3) Check the relative check box and feed the size which one is given in current size in you new size. (4) Now, copy the object holding the alt key and click and drag the object. (5) Again, go to image and select ‘Adjustment’. (6) Now select replace color (7) Here you will find a new dialog box of replace color, in this dialog box setting the options. (8) Select eye dropper tool and ‘check’ selection option. (9) Now go to the art board and click your targeted color to make selection. To make best selection play with fuzziness. (10) After selection of the color range just click the color box and choose your color to change the selected color and click ok. How to Select and Change Colors in Photoshop in Hindi. How To Change The Color of ANYTHING In Photoshop. Select and Change ANY Color in Photoshop Make sure to watch carefully to the end, and then write in the comment section the most valuable information you find it in the tutorial.

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