How to Convert Path into Stroke in Photoshop | Make Pen Tool Path into Stroke | Pen tool stroke path

In Photoshop Tutorial you will learn how to use Pen Tool in Photoshop in Hindi In-depth and simple. It is easy to use Pen Tool in Photoshop In Hindi. This Photoshop pen tool tutorial is for all new graphic designing users. This is for Photoshop beginners in Hindi or Urdu. This Photoshop tutorial will help you to convert path into stroke. Dear friends when you will select the pen tool then in the property bar you will find three options, Shape, Path and pixels. You should select path for making selection or vector design. There are many types of selection tools in Adobe Photoshop but the ‘Pen Tool’ is the only tool that gives us a very clean and sharp edges selection without blur lines or soft edges because the Pen Tool uses “vector technology or Mathematical formula”. Now, how should use the Pen Tool? At first select the pen tool from the tool bar. Friends you will find here different types of pen tool, so we should select the first one. For Pen Tool the short cut key is ( P ). When you start drawing path or line with pen tool, I want to suggest you to start it from any corner point of the object and suppose the object is curve or rounded you should click and drag up to make two handles, and take very few control points with using ctrl or comnd key.

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